Thursday, September 13, 2012

KevaD September News Letter


September is a time to rejoice. The kids are in school!
Actually, my kids’ kids are in school…and teenagers. Good grief – I’m old.

Eyes to Die For

“Eyes to Die For” was published by Decadent Publishing this month.
Explosives expert Dorn Wheeler’s security assignment to Amman, Jordan wasn’t expected to be anything beyond routine. That is until Haneen, a temptress who seems to think defying death is the ultimate aphrodisiac, enters his life. Dorn is soon entranced by the woman’s mystery and seductive spirit, and his thoughts fill with the fantasy of her body melding with his in the desert moonlight. What he doesn’t know is that the exotic eyes he wants to swim in may well be the planned death of him. Or that the one thing he can’t walk away from, a bomb like no one has seen before, hasn’t just been built, but is waiting for him…and ticking.
What makes this story a little special for me is that it was inspired by events I lived.
The meetings at the airports, including coffee with the general, the odd hotel, and open air restaurant (cat show included) were places and things I did. Unfortunately, Haneen is pure imagination. Oh well.
Bestselling author H.C. Brown and I teamed up for a series of erotic stories called the Game Play series. Book One, Sea Games, is being released October 8th by Liquid Silver Books.
Brian Bowers is a man on a mission. Revenge weighs heavy on his mind. The need to punish the woman he once loved above all others falls into tatters the moment he sets eyes on her again. Fifteen years of walking on the fine edge between love and hate ends in an explosion of lust.
Patrice, sophisticated and wealthy, has her own agenda. She knows how to use her body to get what she wants. But Bowers knows how to play the game.
Set in a world of indulgence, Sea Games follows two hearts as they battle memories of the past. Will they win or lose a future together?
Night Games, Jungle Games, and Sex Games will be released in the coming months.
I hope you’ll check out these stories. They’re really good, and erotic as all get out.
Jungle Games is a particular favorite of mine. Ever fantasized about being kidnapped by a pirate and taken to an exotic jungle location where he tortures you into orgasm in the silver moonlight? No? Well, here’s your chance!

Where to find Me

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Bye for Now

Enough for now. The Pec Thing Flea Market is the weekend of Sep 14, 15, and 16. I set up a booth there and sell farm style antiques, so I’ll be pretty busy the next few days getting ready for that.
Thanks for checking in!
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Thanks for taking the time to read my newsletter. I appreciate it!

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