Saturday, September 10, 2011

Interview with Author Cindy Jacks

What is your newest release? 

Phantom Touch coming out this October with Ellora's Cave. It's part of their Sex Bytes theme and I'm really excited about this project. I combined the Phantom of the Opera story with the current social network phenomenon. I think it comes across as a timeless yet thoroughly modern story of love, sex and romance.

How can we find it? 

 It's coming soon to my Ellora's Cave author page - and I'll be giving sneak peeks this month on my website -

What publishing houses are you with?

Ellora's Cave writing as Cindy Jacks and Cobblestone Press writing as CJ Elliott

Do you have blogs, facebook, twitter, how can we stalk you on the web? 

LOL, I love web stalkers! Here are my links
twitter: @cindyjacks

What draws you to the genre you write? 

Contemporary erotic romance is what I mainly write. I love exploring the complexity and richness of contemporary relationships. Modern women have so many choices when it comes to expressing their sexuality and I love being a part of that expression. As for paranormal erotic romance--it's just plain fun to write. I love letting my imagination run wild. 

What makes a book memorable to you?

Powerful characters, real moments of vulnerability and scorching hot passion. I strive to infuse all of my work with these qualities.

What do you hope your readers get out of a Cindy Jacks book?

More than anything else, I hope to absorb the reader in the world I've created. Life is stressful and often tedious. If I can take the reader away from her everyday life, even for just a little while, I consider the book a success.

I know you write as another name why do you use another name and what is it? 

CJ Elliott. I use the pseudonym to separate my paranormal work from my contemporary work. I think it helps set the expectation in the readers mind--a Cindy Jacks book has a certain flavor, a CJ Elliott book has another.

Are there any books in a series that you have written that you want to revisit in the future?
Very much so. At the beginning of my career I wrote a series I titled Point of Distraction. I loved the characters but despite the fact that it was critically acclaimed, it didn't sell well. I'd like to revise the series and make it more appealing to readers. I know if people gave Ana and her friends a chance, they'll fall in love with them just like I did.

What makes a good hero? And what makes a heroine memorable?

For me, a hero has to be strong, smart with a touch of vulnerability. There's nothing sexier than getting an alpha male to show you his soft underbelly. As for heroines, they have to be equally strong as the hero. I've never been one to write passive, docile female characters. I think readers will find my heroines are just as bold as my heroes, butt definitely still feminine.

If someone is new to reading you what book should they start with? I'd recommend LANDLOCKED. It's my favorite book to date and there's a lot of romantic development before the characters give in to their desires. I love creating that kind of sexual tension.

Are you going to any reader events for the readers to meet you? 

I'll be attending Romanticon Sept 29th - Oct 2nd in Akron, OH. It's my first conference so I'm excited and nervous. I can't wait to meet readers and other authors in the flesh.

People think that writers have such glamorous lives what is the most unglamorous thing you have done late?

LOL, oh gosh, so many to choose from. Part of my process is to let ideas stew which means I spend as much time working on a book away from my laptop as I do typing away. The best activities to get my creative juices flowing are mundane cleaning projects (mostly because once I start cleaning I immediately want to STOP!) So yesterday I spent the whole day hunting down dust bunnies while ruminating about a plot line. Ick!

Who would be a dream collaborator for you?

 I would love to write a book with Denyse Bridger (hint, hint, Denyse!). She and I are great friends and she's an amazing writer.

What would you say to any aspiring author about how to be a writer?

As cliche as the advice is, I would tell anyone who wants to be an author to write and read everyday. The more you write, the more skills you'll develop. The more you read, the more you can learn from other writers. Personally I do both every day. At least *most* days :) My final bit of advice would be to stick with it. A lot of this industry is perseverance.  Believe me, every published author has had his/her fair share of rejection. Take rejection as a learning opportunity instead of a failure. Easier said than done, I know ;)

What would you like to tell the readers about you?

I LOVE reader feedback. So much of writing is done alone--it's not like acting in a play or singing on stage where you get immediate audience feedback. I love when readers take the time to contact me--even if it's to say they didn't get what I was trying to do though it's wonderful to hear that my book has made a positive impact--readers are essential to what I do. Without them, I'd have no one to tell my stories to.

What would you like to ask the readers?

 Well, I'd like to pose the same question to the readers that you asked me earlier: what are the books that leave a lasting impression and why? I'd love to hear the titles that have stuck with them long after they finished reading.

CONTEST: An signed copy of Pirate's Passion which includes my novella LANDLOCKED

so post a comment and win a book!! Will draw the winner Tuesday to give everyone time to submit.


  1. Great interview, Cindy! As for books that leave a lasting impression on me, they are usually the ones with memorable characters, ones that feel real (even if they're aliens, or wolf shifters, or something else fantastical)--if the author convinces me of their hearts, and if I can relate to them and are captivated by their story, then those really stick in my mind long after I finish the book. I think I'm a little behind in terms of your backlist--I loved All the Good Men, and I have at least one of your CJ titles on my TBR, but clearly I need to pick up Landlocked and am looking forward to Phantom Touch! Wooot!

  2. Great interview and I had no idea that you were CJ Elliot. Love Game and Waking Maggie are my two favorites of yours. The speak to me. You write the best "married" couples books out there.

    Thanks for the contest and keep on writing. Now, I need to start on the CJ side.

  3. Taking the hint - we're doing Fallen Angels, girlfriend, remember??? I've also just finished Landlocked, and will be posting a review this week. It will shock you to learn, I really REALLY loved it!! Congratulations on ALL the wonderful books you've released, and I very sincerely mean it when I add that each one is not only passionate and rich in sensuality and character, your voice speaks with honesty and joy in your work and your creations. A rare but special talent.

    LOVE and HUGE hugs to you, lovely Cindy!
    Always, Denyse

  4. P.S. Remember the immortal words: Phantom Schmantom... There is an antsy wolf waiting for your attention... and his lady love is getting twitchy, too, Ms. Jacks.... Just sayin'...

  5. I never connected the two "authors" before. I love both of your work!
    A favorite book that have left an impression on me is "Colters' Woman" by Maya Banks. The genre is bordering on "taboo" (not to me). And, I just love how the three men can all love and cherish one woman who deserves it.
    There are so many other books that arestill in my head for the stories and the characters.

  6. awesome interview
    to answer ur question

    well for me depends on the mood the one who really left a lasting impression on me was the oen i first cut my teeth on romance and that was After the Night By linda howard after that many years later Beth Kerry introduced me more to the erotic romance with her books such as Release and such then Jayne Rylon in The night is darkest the whole idea of sharing was sexy and and taboo all at once I loved it and of course Cindy all of ur books leave a lasting impression on me

    mortalsinn@yahoo com

  7. a lot of authors have to 2 or 3 name which is good because it is good to keep the people who want more of the book and i like the way the book
    is done and then the color is great

  8. Thanks for all the comments, ladies. So sorry it took me a while to reply. Had memorial things to attend to yesterday. Thanks so much for dropping by!